Young Picassos Afterschool ART!!



Young PicAngelina teachingassos® Objective

Our mission is to promote compassion, empathy, self-esteem, trust, authenticity, and confidence through engaging, fun art projects. We believe the true passport to self-esteem and social/emotional growth can happen through art making. We are passionate about bringing
that experience to each child in any environment.






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Young Picassos Houston also offers After School Enrichment services
for children ages 3-10 at your child’s school!

• Design Fun, Creative, & Cool Art Projects

• Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Cartooning & more…

• Learn art techniques, vocabulary and art history

• All Art Materials Included

• TEA Certified, Master Level Art Therapist, Licensed Therapist, Bi-LingualIMG_1051_2



Goals and Objectives of Young Picassos Enrichment

• YP is designed for up to 20 students to explore and express healthy
self-esteem, confidence, build awareness all thru using art materials and creating art projects.

• Students will understand the benefits using art materials through experience.

• Students will complete several individual and group art projects to promote positive community, family,  & relationships.

• Students will explore art activities that add to their ability to process their thoughts, feelings and reduce stress/anger in a healthy ways.

• Students will learn to honor themselves on a consistent basis using art techniques.


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